Registration guidelines for NCE (2019/2020 Session)

Registration Guidelines for Newly Admitted Candidates for 2019/2020 Academic Session

Check the College website to confirm that your name is on the admission list and Department/Programme of Study you are admitted to study in the College.
Check the JAMB website and print your original admission letter from to be tendered during clearance at the Academic Office.
Logon to the college portal through and perform the following actions:
Please read the instructions in the general guidelines carefully before you proceed
Click on personal data and update your biodata information (kindly note, the email is a most during updating your personal data)
Click on the Academic data under schools attended with dates, click on “Add school” to add your secondary schools attended with dates
Also click on “Add subject” to add (subjects, grade, exam and month/year you sat for the exam)

Under entry qualification(s) kindly select your examination body

Go back and click on Instructions under general guidelines please follow the procedure starting from serial number one (1) to serial number fourteen (14)
Any issues with this procedure please contact the ICT support help desk immediately


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