21 thoughts on “Online Application for Pre-NCE”

  1. I never ever think that Fcet will get a wonderful website like this. Allah bless you Dr. Madu Provost and all members of Computer unit.

  2. salam! any issue on admission list, result, annual calendar e.t.c should be updated on your website please. as the admission of the new pre NCE 2017/18 now is out where do i see it. thank you all

  3. we had payed the regularization fee in 2011, but the number is always invalid why, as a academic secretary concern. if the student he/she did not get the admission, is will be good if the institution will advice the applicant to apply next year,

  4. I’ve never ever think that FCE(T) Potiskum will have a great and well designed website, I’m very happy. . . . keep it up guys.

  5. I never think the FCE T potiskum they have a wonderful websites like this certainly I appreciate.all this was come under the leadership of our mentor DR MAL.MADU may Allah continued blessing him and valuating this schools to become marvelous in every where in the world, . also I want to extent my my greeting to our respectable,mentor senior lecture,father of centre of technology lof f.c.e.t. potiskum. ( DR sani guarantee) may Allah blessed him and reward him with the most desirable things. up,up,up,up,up,F.C.E.T. POTISKUM

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